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About Us: Portfolio

Our Story

Our focus at United is providing individuals and families a place to grow in their faith and personal lives. We believe that by sharing biblical morals and values we can increase the opportunity of each individual and family in the community to live a productive and successful life. United church services operates under the anointing power of God through the holy spirit.

"Restoring the Wall of Faith"

Happy Family

Our Mission

Our mission is to give individuals a visible guidance to building their faith and fellowship to which God has called His people throughout the world. We acknowledged ourselves to be a local manifestation of God's universal church, through which we witness and minister to the world for nonbelievers to become believers of Him.

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Our Objective

We shall seek to fulfill this calling through corporate praise and worship services, educational programs, bible enrichment classes, outreach ministries, prayer, and devotional groups that will meet the needs of mankind, regardless of race or creed. These programs will be developed through the framework of teaching Christian morals and values by which our members or friends may be enhanced in their faith, love, dedication, and righteousness to God.

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